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New LoadHog Modular Dock Bridge in Springfield

A recent project at a local company was the testing ground for LoadHog, a modular dock bridge that spans between a warehouse and a trailer. It’s the first of it’s kind Overhead Door Company of Springfield has installed in the area.

One major advantage of using this product is that the customer did not have to incur the time and expense to put in a pit style leveler. The LoadHog also has a larger range than an edge of dock leveler, with 8 feet above and 4 feet below working range. Additionally, if the customer ever moves facilities, they can remove it and reinstall it at a new location.

Special thanks to John Willen from Bi-State Loading Dock for lending his expertise on this installation!

View from the dock platform

View from the loading dock area
Standing Vertical Dock Plate

View of a truck backed up to the dock
Vertical Standing Loading Dock

You can also check out the product video below for more details. If you have a dock application that you need help with, contact us today!